Who is Bullying Ewe?

Who Is Bullying Ewe?

The Lions, The Unicorn and The Ewes

The story of Scotland’s national animal the Unicorn. Equine, a foundling, is adopted by Mrs Ewe. She is bullied by the other ewes because she looks different but when lions arrive and start to eat the bullies, it is brave little Equine who comes to their rescue.

Release date 9th April 2020

Fun and Interactive Virtual Launch on Facebook, National Unicorn Day. 9th of April at 11am – click here




Nancy Coo walks 500 sMiles

Nancy Coo walks 500 sMiles

Join adorable Nancy Coo (NC for short) in her 500 mile adventure throughout the Highlands.

NC has lost the capital “S” from her sMile, this is why she is searching over 500 mile! Join NC’s 500 mile jolly jaunt.


Scottish Beastie Books

Book 1 – Midges Myths & Facts
Book 2 Haggis History & Facts
Book 3 – Puffin Parable & Facts

Midges Myths & Facts

The wonderful Highland Midge, vilified and feared by all. Find out the truth about our amazing Highland Midge, it’s place in Scotland’s history and why it has a unique place in the hearts of the Scots.


Haggis History & Facts

Mandy protects many secret Haggii holts in the remote Highlands of Scotland. In this book she reveals the little known facts about the rare Haggis, their essential role in Scottish history and the threats to their survival.


Puffin Parable & Facts

Visitors flock to Scotland for a chance to see the beautiful and iconic Puffin. Enjoy lovely illustrations as you laugh and learn all about our wee Puffins and what you can do to save them from extinction.


Gracie MacKay and her Toothfairie


Timmy Tails Books

  • Book 1 – The Ginger and White Tiger Stripped Kitten
  • Book 2 – Tiny Tim
  • Book 3 – Tiny Tim and the Marders
  • Book 4 – Timmylein moves home
  • Book 5 – Tiny Tim and the Dragon Bulldozer
  • Book 6 – Tiny Tim, Och Aye the Noo

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Author and Illustrators Copyright asserted 2020

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