Nancy Coo walks 500 sMiles

Join Nancy Coo (NC for short) as she walks 500 mile, exploring the North Coast 500 in search of her sMile.

She makes new friends a plenty in the heart of the Highlands, And she comes to realise, that no Coo is an Island!


Adorable Nancy Coo loses the capital “S” from her sMile. Searching for her capital “S”, NC sets off on an amazing adventure through The Highlands of Scotland.

Fall in love with Nancy Coo, the scenery and sights of the North Coast 500 and all the wonderful new friends she makes along her amazing journey.

A delightful book written and illustrated by Mandy Elizabeth Rush which will captivate young and old.

Nancy Coo and her 500 sMiles

Author and Illustrators Copyright asserted 2019

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