Haggis Habitat Sign now installed

The old Melvaig Driftwood sign was looking a bit weathered. As this year’s Hagglets have just started to leave the Haggii Holt in preparation for Midge feasting, I knew it was important to get the new Haggii sign up.

We have had beautiful weather again here at Oran Mara, The Last House before the Lighthouse and electric screwdriver in hand I got the sign up.

Seven wee Hagglets have been born this year and I want to do my best to make sure they survive. The rare Highland Haggis needs all the protection we can give it!

Threat to Haggii

Remember the main threat to the rare Highland Haggii is doggy poop bags, but fast vehicles at dawn and dusk, when the Heroine, Hog and their wee Hagglets emerge to Midge feast can decimate the Haggii Huddle population.

To learn more about the Highland Haggii read Haggis History & Facts, written and illustrated by me, Mandy (protector of several secret Haggii Holts).

Books available from: www.mandyerush.me, Button Bothy, Perfume Studio, Russian Arctic Convoy Museum, Oran na Mara, Lael Craft Gallery, Gairloch Heritage Museum, Gale Centre, Sweet shop Strathpeffer, Poolewe Tuesday Markets.