Puffin Facts or Fictions?

Puffins flap their wings 400 times a minute whilst flying. Not quite a Hummingbirds 80 times per second but an impressive blur nonetheless. (TRUE)

Aggravated Puffins ‘puff up’ and stamp their feet when they are grumpy with someone. Sometimes called a Fluffing Puffin. (TRUE)

All Scottish Puffins fail breathalyser tests due to having a naturally occurring small amount of whisky in their bloodstream, which stops them from freezing. (FALSE)

On the Isle of St. Kilda, Puffins were traditionally used to flavour porridge. (TRUE)

The Famous Grouse Whisky of Scotland was originally named the Famous Puffin Whisky but the poster boy Puffins loved the taste of the whisky too much and kept falling over at photo-shoots, therefore the Puffins were sent flapping. (FALSE)

His Right Honourable Chesterfield Guffin McPuffin

Penguin Books, the famous publishing house, was founded by His Right Honourable Chesterfield Guffin McPuffin (A Tufted Puffin) in the 1940s. (He suffered from terrible flatulence). (FALSE)

Author and Illustrators Copyright asserted 2019

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