PDF Gracie MacKay and her Toothfairie


This is a PDF version of Gracie MacKay and her Toothfairie.

If you would like a hard copy of this beautiful little book, please order the other version.

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PDF version Gracie MacKay and her Toothfairie

A beautifully illustrated book about lovely Gracie MacKay and why she is a Toothfairie’s dream.

  • Have you ever wondered what your Toothfairie does with your milk-tooth?
  • What makes your Toothfairie happy?
  • What your Toothfairie might reward you with?

All is revealed in Gracie’s story.

This delightful little book which children and adults will love about clever little Gracie MacKay losing her first milk-tooth and her first visit from her Toothfairie.

Lovingly written and illustrated by Mandy E. Rush

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